Entrepreneurial Alliance: Mission and Objectives

The Career Center’s Entrepreneurial Alliance provides academic and practical support for individual career exploration by providing resources that strengthen entrepreneurial endeavors. The program offers a one-year curriculum of workshops, information sessions, and collaborative programming with the main goal of linking students to the resources necessary to support their entrepreneurial curiosity and development. Colby alumni, parents, and friends cooperate to support both the Entrepreneurial Alliance’s mission and the one-year curriculum.

Colby students in the EA program may participate in the Spring Business Competition. The alliance awards start-up capital to the most-promising enterprise or enterprises—for profit or non-profit. Student entrepreneurs are evaluated on their presentation to a panel of judges and pitch deck published on the crowdvoting platform, Launcht.

The Entrepreneurial Alliance strives to balance the following aspects:

Academic: Preserves the basic principles of an interdisciplinary liberal arts education, relying on both critical analysis and creative strategy

Cultural: Provides a network for individual entrepreneurs, securing an ecosystem of education services, service providers, peer networks, market opportunities, skill-development resources, economic development and work services providers, financial institutions, and community leaders

Economic: Promotes economic development by supporting young entrepreneurs who have a sound vision for business opportunity and employment in Maine and beyond